Sleep Support Handmade Self-Care Kit by Stresscase

Sleep Support Handmade Self-Care Kit | Stresscase

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Unexpected life events and disruptions in your routine can rob you or your loved one of a good night's sleep. This self-care kit hits the reset button on your sleep routine.

Cordyceps Mushrooms Tea: Provide energy and boost the immune system to help achieve a deeper sleep at night.

It’s Bedtime Sugar: This versatile dusting powder with simple natural ingredients can be used in a number of ways to alleviate the stresses of your day. Lightly dust on your bedding and pillow before sleep, use as a cooling body powder (especially great for under-boob), or even as a dry shampoo.

I Love Insomnia (said no one ever) Bath Bomb: A lot of sleeplessness is propagated from worrying about insomnia. It’s my wish for you that this fizzy wonder transports you from such anxiety during a nice long, deep, hot bath.

Stresscase Check Yer Bags Eye Balm: The fun of bed time can be all the pampering you get to do to before you “hit the sack”. You only need apply an amount the size of a grain of rice, per eye, of this nutrient-rich balm.

Stresscase Beautiful Dreamer Sleep Roll on: Don’t feel bad if you have the urge to slather this all over your face. Apricot kernel oil is wonderful for the skin. But this will last longer if you just apply a little to your temples before bed-or anytime you need a little stress support.